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Shinken shobu, Aikido’s Great Battle…..

This paradox of training in Aikido is a difficult one. Over the years I have met all types of people that train for many different types of reasons. Health, spirituality, martial prowess or just to attempt to find that thing missing in their lives. We are told Aikido has two dimensions, spiritual and physical. Just […]

Art of balance, or not?

Let’s take some time to consider the term Kuzushi, or balance breaking and its role in Aikido. Many people have come through a background in Judo where this term is very prevalent, as it is in Tomiki Aikido, it is also a term I have heard used frequently in Yoshinkan Aikido. This is actually quite […]

Find your own Aikido

There are many paths to the top of the mountain. We are drawn to study Aikido for many reasons. A lot of people that study Aikido love the philosophical area of the art. Some are drawn to the founder’s teachings and beliefs on unity and world peace. Others still again believe in Aikido as a […]

Intelligent intelligence………

Find a sword. Within its principles lie all principles of aikido What is intellectual aikido? Intellectual aikido is aikido that is practiced without understanding principles hidden in form of the technique. It is aikido that seeks to mimic the aikido techniques of others without understanding the basic principles that underlie the technique. Defining movement and […]

His game, His rules….

Recently I have had the opportunity to observe a lot of demonstrations of Aikido techniques sent to me on Facebook and YouTube. I thought it pertinent to make a few observations based on the rules that the FOUNDER put forward to those that wish to study Aikido. 1) A single moment or interaction in Aikido […]

Control the Self

No one can control another person.     The best anyone can do in any interaction is control the space between them and the threat. The moment the mind has intention to do something to another person(attachment), it is captured and defeat is imminent. In essence this is the same mind as the attackers, it […]

The Lizard and the Shadow of the Moon

“If you continue this basic practice, you will attain some wonderful power. Before you attain it, it is something wonderful, but after you attain it, it is nothing special.” Zen poem.   Study of the shinkage ryu documents reveals that “moon on the water principle” applies to more than just the movement of the front […]

Human Endeavour and Purpose

To know others is knowledge,
But to know the true self is wisdom. To overcome others shows you are powerful. To overcome the ego-self is powerful beyond measure. To be content with what you have is true wealth. Perseverance shows a strong resolve. Those true to their self live long. Those that find their true self […]