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What it isn’t….

I quite often find myself in deep contemplation regarding Sensei’s teachings. About the essence of the study of Budo, but more importantly, the essence of the study of Yuishinkai. I have decided I hate the word Aikido attached to what we do, or the essence of what we do. Just hear me out. Strange that […]

My uncle Earnest

This paradox of training in Aikido is a difficult one. Over the years I have met all types of people that train for many different types of reasons. Health, spirituality, martial prowess or just to attempt to find that thing missing in their lives. We are told Aikido has two dimensions, spiritual and physical. Just […]

Comprehension is Competence

I was discussing today with another instructor about an old video that I had posted regarding ukemi. He commented that he had never heard anyone explain what I was demonstrating in the way that I explained it. I get this a lot in my teaching. I am different to everyone else, no one talks about […]

Where’s the Dog, Ma? A way to fix the current Aiki Crisis

Ueshiba sensei said, “Aikido is 95% perspiration and 5% philosophy.” By saying that, I have said everything.” (A. NOCQUET) It has happened to the art that I love. I suppose that it has happened for quite a while now, but it took a lot of time to actually understand how this came about. I was […]

Future, Past, present

I have been away with the kids up the north east and have had far too much time on my hands walking on beaches thinking about Aikido, and more importantly, thinking about my role and the future of the art. Now inevitably, thinking about the future of the art brings us to a point where […]

Ainuke, yeah……maybe not

There are very deep philosophical principles hidden in the art of Aikido. These principles aren’t discovered by the Ancient Greek version of philosophical debate, but rather discovered in the forging of the physical body, through hard work and tenacity. Anyone can endorse a Japanese philosophical idea, anyone can claim to have a Japanese sword master […]

Sing a “SONG”

                                                                                         Relax!!!! How many times have we heard this said by any […]

Ai-nuke and Aikido

“To become poisoned by secret teachings is something that occurs in Aikido as well. Instead of looking at their feet (“The feet reveal the secrets of the universe.”Morihei Ueshiba), people look up and imitate sophisticated movements in a pretentious, empty manner. That is called “to be poisoned by secret teachings”. This is quite rife in […]