Control the Self

No one can control another person.image



The best anyone can do in any interaction is control the space between them and the threat.
The moment the mind has intention to do something to another person(attachment), it is captured and defeat is imminent.
In essence this is the same mind as the attackers, it has the same intent, and the end result will be aiuchi, mutual death.
The mind/spirit enters completely, unimpeded by technical attachment or desire, either piercing or cutting through the attackers intent. As the essence of true mind spontaneously emerges, it is unable to be controlled by the attacker.

It is not possible to physically grab the mind of another.
As such, the shape of the body follows the natural shape of the intent.

If this occurs it is impossible for the attackers mind to occupy the same space and time.

This is to cut with a single beat, avoiding all duality, and is the essence of True Budo.

Aiki is a matter of the heart.image
It is nothing more than the manifestation of the potential of what it means to exist as a human being.